Things to do in Central Otago

Central Otago New Zealand offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world, fantastic vineyards and dining out, as well as interesting things to explore such as the Clyde Hydro dam, Old Cromwell Town, Gold Fields and much more.

Old Cromwell Town
Old Cromwell Town, a quaint craft and cafe area with lovingly restored historic buildings was created when many original parts of Cromwell’s township and orchards were flooded to create Lake Dunstan as part of the Clyde Hydro Dam scheme. Read more about Old Cromwell Town. Read More

Clyde Hydro Dam
Definitely worth a visit, the Clyde Hydro Scheme, a massive dam is just 15 minutes down the road toward the Clyde township. Constructed between 1982 and 1993 with much controversy as part of the plan was to flood many houses and orchards upstream to create the Lake. Read more about the Clyde Hydro Dam. Read More

Fruits of the Land
Cromwell is known as the ‘fruit bowl of the south’. The Central Otago climate is perfect for fruit growing and here you will find apricots, cherries, plums and more. Read more about Fruits of the Land. Read More

Gold Fields
Back in the 19th century, Central Otago was home to a major gold rush with speculators travelling from as far as China to try their luck. Read more about Central Otago Gold Fields. Read More

Dining Out
Cromwell has a number of restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisine. Read more about Dining Out in Cromwell. Read More